Why Choose Us?

Degrees from internationally recognised UK universities offering the same qualifications as you would get if you were studying in the UK, but with the comfort and cost-effectiveness of remaining in Nepal.

• Get value for money through a quality UK degree at local costs; resulting in huge savings! Gain the same prestigious UK degree at one fifth the price


• Our overall quality (Student experience, academic standards and programme delivery) is underpinned by adherance to the UK Quality Assurence Agency's Quality Code. 

• The Student will gain a university degree direct: we don’t go through any third parties.

• Students with good results may have an opportunity to complete their degrees in the UK by transferring the final part of their studies to the UK.

• To ensure that students get the education they deserve we have staff which international qualification from the UK, USA, Australia, India as well as Nepal. Students get an international experience. As such, we are the only college in Nepal that has international faculty members teaching on our courses. 

• Linked with various academic institutions, TBC students have access to regular guest lecturers and speakers from the UK and other countries as well as from major companies in Nepal.

• As your local centre of international excellence; The British College is a regional hub for the delivery of western style education, and a central point of access for the best students from abroad. By interacting with students from other countries, our students may benefit from a valuable multi-cultural experience, which forms an essential part of their learning process.

• Visits can be arranged to help students gain a truly global experience.

• Students have the opportunity for work placements around the world. With our links to industry, you’ll find studying at The British College essential in establishing a vital link with the corporate environment – an excellent precursor to your career ambition whilst undergoing your programmes of studies.

• Located at an exculsive address Trade Tower, Thapathali, where major businesses have their offices allowing us to create direct links from our students to companies, giving you the ideal opportunity to experience first-hand the corporate community with whom you will ultimately be engaged.

• The college ensures access to resources such as a mordern text based library, electronic libraries, computer labs and a gymnasium. Our courses are taught using modern teaching methods that are relevant to both today's and tomorrow's business world.

• TBC students have access to English support throughout their academic career with us, from native speakers.

• Managed and operated by British management, with a unique western style of academic and operational management focusing on quality and the learning experience: providing a smooth transitional academic experience.

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