A Level in British Model College

Studying for A Level qualification is rigorous and demands a high academic standard of achievement. BMC’s programmes offer highly flexible subject combinations. Students may choose any combination from the wide choice of subjects that suit their interest and aptitude. An A level course requires students to be creative and analytical.


Specialties of the Programme

The A Level programme demands a multi-dimensional approach, including:

  • Providing evidence of in-depth subject knowledge and understanding
  • Developing an ability to think logically
  • Presenting reasoned explanations
  • Applying theoretical knowledge
  • Communicating  ideas and feelings in a clear and logical manner


Examination System

The A and AS Level final examinations are held twice a year in May/June and October/ November, the results of which are published in August and January respectively.


Grading System

Students are expected to take at least four subjects including the General Paper and they may take more than the required credits depending upon their interests and capabilities. Students are assessed on a grade scale from A* awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E indicating the minimum required performance to constitute a pass. U stands for ungraded which is a fail.


Eligibility for the A Level

Students who have taken the SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent exams at the time of admission can apply. The main requirement is a sound academic ability to fulfill the rigours of this challenging programme. British Model College uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the programme.

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